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We understand what the buyers, sellers and the miners have been dealing with in this BTC space, since 2011. We also know 1st hand, how difficult it is for sellers, buyers, and miners to transact with the sellers and the buyers in this space. It is all about trust in this space and this space has been riddled by distrust so that’s why we are dealing with this issue once and for all. You can now have confidence and trust with our process that both real buyers and real sellers will now have a simple streamlined process. Miner is tired of all the so-called brokers and so-called buyers and so-called sellers wasting everyone’s valuable time. That’s why for the very 1st time both buyer, seller and miner can finally transact in a safe and comfortable environment. Our platform will provide security for buyers, sellers, and miners.

Read below what Our Mining Operation Division  Investments has created for Trust. which we are dedicated and committed to facilitating your Bitcoin transactions with our mining operation for sellers and buyers to be able to transact safely and securely. the Miner’s or the seller uses a specialized activity specifically structured for trade transactions which are exclusively designed and customized for digital assets.

We can now purchase and sell BTC PACKAGES STARTING as low as 1000 BTC. Volumes starting at 1000 BTC and above will now qualify for as long as they follow the SOP Standard operating procedures. This will require that we have a meeting on zoom with the person who has the signatory and transaction power to transact, we will discuss and review the process and the volume discounts based on the timing of the transactions. Time is money, once the client is qualified to transact with our mining operation, they will follow these 4 simple steps of our process, if they choose.

Seller selling to us Procedures:

Successful steps to follow for back-to-back fund trade with Bitcoins on each tranche:

Procedures for Buyer Pre-paid Purchase Acct Set-up under Seller Name with the transactional account linked to the associated account in one of the top US global banks. 

  1. Seller & Buyer after agreeing to price and discount and purchase procedures as outlined below then both parties exchange info/details, CIS, POC (Proof of Coins), POF will be shown on the bank account screen. A Provisional SPA can be signed subject to Seller POC of BTC Wallet holding a min. XXXX BTC showing current date, stamp and time. Buyer will only show POF after seller proves they are qualified to sell BTC with A2B wallet. Then Buyer will show POF by providing seller the buyer’s bank account screen identifying Citi bank account ,  Seller/ Bitcoins Public Access must be provided to  Buyer so buyer can authenticate seller, this is the only way to  prove to buyer they have enough Btc for the 1st trench by authentication on the  Blockchain which will show buyer that the seller can prove control of  Wallet A to Wallet B so the Buyer can verify address of the sellers Wallet showing seller has the control of wallet. Buyer and Seller will each put up a 5% non-performance penalty. Seller must 1st deposit 5 % in Btc wallet which will be connected to the Citi bank sellers account, that buyer will have provided only after buyer confirms the A2B wallet then after buyer confirms seller has control wallet buyer will send to the seller all login credential so the seller Will now have full access login verify and will see 3 account’s 2 non-performance accounts one for btc and the other fiat non-performance and 1 tranche wallet all connected to the sellers Citi bank acct. Then seller will deposit his 5% and btc and then buyer will deposit 5% in fiat just like seller did with his btc into the seller own account as well the seller will have full control of both buyer’s and seller non- performance both fiat 5% and sellers 5% btc. Then buyer will also deposit 100% fiat total amount of the 1st Trenche in the seller Citi bank account for the 1st Trenche. The sellers Citi bank account will now have 105% of the funds already will be deposited before the seller send any btc to the buyer wallet. Now if either buyer or seller does not perform that will be considered a non-performance default the 5% penalties will be released to the other party who did not default. Also upon the successful performance and completion of the contract, each of the 5 % non-performance penalties will be released back to each of the parties, respectively.

 2. A Provisional SPA can be signed subject to Seller showing POC and then buyer will show POF.

3. (Optional), The Buyer and the Seller agree to a trial (Test) tranche transfer of a xxx BTC purchase initiated within 4 hours after the signed exchange of Purchase Contract and Seller Invoice. 

4. Buyer will be Authorized by the seller to open up Citi bank account  under Seller name. We will start with Citi bank then after a few trenches  we can move forward with  4 other banks that have also been approved for this transactional platform .We will always pre-pay the Tranche value in Fiat on the Buyer Banking portal Platform with seller having full banking features and Online Access 24hrsX7days access to complete transaction. This process interacts with the Buyers Banking Platform which has a seasoned Transactional accounts at 4 US Global banks which is linked Server to Server with Buyers Wallet on Blockchain linked for real time exchange of Coins with Fiat in the pre-paid Seller Acct to complete the required transactions (full details of Seller Account with Online Access passcodes will be provided. Buyer has the Seller to issue sales invoice for transaction to be completed.

5.Buyer will fund the sellers account only after seller has proved to the buyer that seller has control of BTC wallet with A2B test this will now qualify the seller. Then buyer will execute purchase of BTC based on agreed market contract price. The seller and buyer will now be authorized to use this transactional platform to transact under the rules of S.E.C through the Citi Bank secured server from Citi Bank buyer’s account. Buyer and Seller must follow the transactional platform protocol under the Federal Banks security commodities trade when purchasing any commodities   

6.This Platform has been approved by Citi Bank for high volume velocity trading for buyers to use USD Fiat to purchase crypto currency from a qualified sellers so buyer and seller will now have a streamlined and a successful transaction under the security commodities trade law. 

7. Seller sends the Invoice for the tranche and Buyer will fund the Seller’s  Account with agreed amount sufficient to cover the current tranche amount before seller sends Bitcoins.

8. Seller Transfers the Bitcoins per Tranche to Buyer’s Wallet. Buyer and Seller will confirm the receipt of the Bitcoins via Blockchain on first confirmation. Seller can start the drawdown via wire of funds proceed from the Seller pre-paid account via the online banking portal. The seller can keep all the funds in his pre-paid account or he can send out part of his funds as he wishes.  The seller always has full control of the funds like any of the Seller’s other bank accounts the Seller is the beneficiary of the account.

9. Intermediary procurement associates are compensated each time there is a complete transaction per tranche schedule following details per IMFPA(s) annexed to the final contract.

10. *Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, at each Closing, Seller shall sell, transfer, and deliver to Buyer, and Buyer shall purchase, pay for, and take delivery of, free and clear of all encumbrances. All of Seller’s rights, title, and interest and amounts set forth on the attached Tranche Schedule (ANNEX__) shall be transferred to the Buyer. ANNEX __ shows Proposed Dates, times, Tranche amounts of Bitcoin and important notes.

11. **IMFPA: For each Transaction, at Closing, Seller and Buyer shall send the BTC to the designated paymasters , procurement agents and facilitators wallets included in the IMFPA(s) based on percentage of actual BITCOIN purchase per Tranche schedule detailed on this contract and in accordance with the Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement (“IMFPA”), attached hereto and incorporated herein.

Prices and procedures are subjects to change without notice.


Agreed & accepted by:

Seller Name: ________________________________

X: _________________________________________

Signatory Name & Title

Phone/ Email &Address:

Agreed & Accepted:

Use our cash to close your bitcoin trades.

Step 1 – Seller submits a request to sell BTC .

Step 2 – Buyer has the Seller issue sales invoice for transaction buyer issues purchase agreement.

Step 3 – All parties execute documents to purchase BTC based on contract price. 

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What Makes Us Different

Now that you understand the process. It will encompass several different methods of finance for traders of Bitcoin, including the options below:

  • We have companies standing by. Once you become qualified, you can receive a loan at 1.67% a month from the Finance credit facility. The facility can also provide other financing options available which can be created and customized for you, the borrower so the borrower can purchase directly from mining group.
  • If the buyer chooses to finance Bitcoin by using the credit facility then Bitcoin will be released only after the finance company sends the funds to seller’s mining account. Only after buyers’ funds have been approved and received by the mining account or their paymasters account or by an attorney directing funds to the miner’s account.
  • Once the funds have been verified by signing the seller will notify the miner to move BTC from Cold Storage to Hot Wallet and the miner will send the BTC to buyer’s designated wallet per the instructions in the agreement. This will be considered a successful BTC transaction.

All of our technology products are created by our Computer Science Engineers.


We’re experts in our field. As experts in our field and leaders in our industry, we’re committed to upholding the highest standard of service for all our clients.


We were the first and developing blockchain technology. We know what’s important. We’re experts at what we do and we guarantee no one does it better than us.


We take the time to get to know our customers, ensuring quality support to fit exactly what you need.



Specializing in Block Chain Technology since 2011 & dedicated to expert service to our affluent Buyers, Corporations & Financial Institutions. We know what’s important. We are experts at what we do, and we guarantee no one does it better than us.



We have been in the FINTECH – And we stay up-to-date with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Big institutional Investors are assigned to a  business executive(s). Diversified has created its own specialized micro-chips and has deployed and operates several data centers for customers and its own operations in 3 countries.

The World Economic Forum Recognized Diversified which was quietly mining since 2011 and has enhanced its mining speed over 5 generations with their one of a kind microchip and it has been awarded as “Technology Pioneer” in 2019. Forbes included Diversified in its prestigious FinTech 50 lists in 2018 and 2019 and into the Forbes Blockchain 50 list in 2019 and 2020.




Global Digital Mining is one of a kind that will be using quantum mining artificial intelligence technology.

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